Fix Printer Won't Print Anything Problem


What Should I Do If HP Printer Is Not printing Color & Black Ink Correctly?

Are you experiencing frustrating moments with your printing problem? It can be exasperating when your documents or images come out blank or with faded colors. When your printer doesn’t produce the results you’re awaiting, it can be veritably annoying. In this article we have described the solutions for “HP printer not printing colors correctly” issue. 

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Easy Methods to Repair Your Printing Not Printing Anything

Method 1. Enable the Printer Color Command

Enabling color printing mode on your printer can help in resolving ‘HP printer color not printing issue’. This can be done by following these simple steps – 

  • From the windows start option, select “Settings”.

HP Printer not Printing Color

  • From here, click on “Printers”.


  • Now, right-click on the icon for your printing system and choose “Properties.”


  • On the properties page, select “Printing preferences”.

HP Printer not Printing Color

  • Thereafter, click on “Paper/quality” tab and select “Color”. Then, click “OK” and exit from the page.

paper quality tab

  • Perform a print test and receive a color print of your choice.
  • However, if still your ‘HP printer will not print color’, select ‘Grayscale printing option’.
  • Additionally, if your HP Envy printer is not printing in color, ensure that your printer is not disabled.

Method 2.Using the Windows Printer Troubleshooter

For Windows users encountering printing problems, the Printer Troubleshooter is a useful tool to identify potential causes.

Follow these steps:

  • Enter “Printers and Scanners” into the taskbar search and click on the respective option.


  • In the related settings, select “Troubleshoot.”


  • Find your HP printer model within the troubleshooter’s window.


  • Click on “Next” to proceed.


  • Follow any instructions provided in the diagnostic report to troubleshoot and resolve the identified issues

Method 3. Using the HP Smart App

The HP Smart App provides solutions for a wide range of printing problems and is compatible with the majority of Wi-Fi-enabled HP printers manufactured after 2010.

Follow these steps:

  • Launch the HP Smart app on your device.
  • Tap on the three bars located on the left-hand side to access the home menu.

three bars

  • Choose “Diagnose and Fix.”

  • Click on “Start” and then follow the instructions provided by the troubleshooter to effectively address the printing problems.


  • If still your HP printer is not printing properly then move on to the next solution. 

Method 4. The HP printer's printhead needs to be replaced or reinstalled

Printhead is an important factor in the printing process as it applies ink to the paper and creates presentable text. Therefore, faulty printhead is another problem which may cause ‘HP printer not printing color’ issue.  

Installed HP Printer Printhead

Follow these Steps to Clean the printhead::

  • Go to the start button and search for “Control Panel” and then click on “Drivers and printers”

device and printer option

  • Navigate to the next page and locate the icon for your printing system. Right-click on it and choose “Properties.”


  • From the new window that appears, click >”Hardware” and then click > “Clean Ink” from the next window.

Clean Ink

Proceed by following the onscreen instructions to clean the printhead and conduct a printing check afterward.

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Method 5.Run the HP print and Scan Doctor

The “Scan Doctor” utility tool can be used to troubleshoot printing problems with your HP printer. It functions as a fix for these issues as well.

  • Firstly, go to the official HP page and click on ‘Download Print and Scan Doctor’. 
  • This will download a file by the name of HPPSdr.exe
  • Now, open this file to install the application. 
  • When you are done, click the ‘start’ button & then click on ‘next’ button. Further, follow the onscreen simple instructions.
  • Open the HP Print and Scan Doctor software.
  • Choose your HP printer by selecting ‘Start’ and then ‘Next.


  • Click on the ‘Fix Printing’ option.
  • Follow the troubleshooting instructions provided to address any issues.

Method 6.Things to do if Printer is not printing double sided (both sides of pages)

  • Go to your pc and open the document which you want to print.

go to file

  • Press key “CTRL” and “P” simultaneously to open the system print dialog box.

ctrp P


  • Select your printer model from the list of choices on the drop-down menu.

sele t model

  • Next, tap on “Printer Properties” and click on the “Printing shortcut” tab.



  • Now, select “Two-sided (Duplex) Printing” option. 

two sided

  • Thereafter, under “Print on Both Sides Manually” option, select “Flip on Long Edge”.


  • Next, tap on “OK” and then click on “Print” to do a test print. 

Method 7.Enable Automatic Two-Sided Duplex Printing

  • Go to Windows Search find Control Panel > Devices and Printers.


  • Right-click on the printer icon, then select Printer Properties.


  • Click on the Device Settings tab.
  • Locate and choose the Automatic Two-Sided Duplex Accessory, mark it as installed, and then click OK to apply and save the changes.


  • This action should restore the availability of the Automatic Duplexing feature.

So, if your printer not printing anything on both side of paper try this method.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Your HP Printer Not Printing Black Color Ink

Method 1. Verify the Ink or Toner Level

Before resolving the issue of the printer not printing black color, it is essential to check your ink levels.

Using the HP Print and Scan Doctor App:

  • Launch the downloaded HP Print and Scan Doctor application, then click “Start” on the Welcome screen.
  • Choose your printer from the list, and then click “Next”.
  • Within the HP Print and Scan Doctor window, click on “Printer”.


  • From the drop-down menu, select “Supply Levels” or “Ink Levels”.
  • The tool will show you the estimated levels of ink or toner for your printer.


Using the Control Panel:

  • Power on your HP printer and allow it to warm up.
  • Locate the “Setup,” “Menu,” or “Settings” buttons on the printer’s control panel. Press the respective button to access the menu.
  • Use the arrow keys available on the control panel to navigate to the “Ink Levels,” “Supplies,” or “Cartridges” options.


  • Select the specific ink cartridges you wish to check and view their current ink quantity.
  • The ink quantity is typically displayed in the form of a graph or percentage. Interpret the results to determine whether replacement cartridges or any other action is necessary

Method 2. The HP Printer Cartridge is Falling Short of ink

The most common cause of the ‘HP printer not printing black color ink ‘ problem is an empty ink cartridge, among other things. Thus, before identifying the issue, visually inspect the cartridges and change the ink cartridges as needed.

To visually inspect and replace the cartridge, follow these steps:

  • Gently open the front cover of the printer and check the ink content. If the ink is low, install a new cartridge.

HP Printer not Printing Black


  • If the cartridge is full and the colors from the HP printer are not printing correctly, the next step is to check the expiration date of the ink. Expired inks are a problem to use because they tend to dry out and trip.


  • If the cartridge has expired, install a new one and continue the printing process to resolve the issue of ‘HP Envy printer not printing in color black ink’.

Method 3. Automated tool to clean the Cartridges

  • Right-click the Start button located in the lower-left corner of the screen, then click on Search.
  • Type “HP” in the search box.


  • Click on your printer from the search results to open the printer software.
  • In the printer software, double-click on “Printer Actions”.

printer action

  • Then, double-click on “Maintenance Tasks” to access the HP Toolbox.


  • Click on the “Device Services” tab.

device services

  • Select “Clean Ink Cartridges” and follow the on-screen instructions to clean the cartridges.


  • Once the cleaning process is completed, click “Print” to generate a test page. If the print quality remains unsatisfactory, follow the on-screen instructions to perform a Second-level clean.

Method 4. Align the Print Head

Most HP printers have an adjustable print head alignment option in the printer maintenance menu or control panel.

To address the issue of “HP printer black ink not printing properly,” follow the listed procedures to align the print head.

A- Printer control panel 

If your HP printer has a touchscreen panel, you can easily access its Maintenance menu to align the printhead.

  • Tap the gear icon (Settings) displayed on your printer’s screen.


  • Select the Printer Maintenance option.

printer main

  • Tap on the Align Printhead.


  • Continue by tapping on “Continue” in the next screen.


  • Now, allow the printer to finish the alignment process before continuing.

B- By Using HP Smart

  • Open the HP Smart application.

open hp

  • Touch or click on the Printer Settings tab.

setting printer

  • Select “Print Quality Tools” from the Tools section.

print quality

  • Choose the option to Align Printheads.

choose option

  • Press the “Print Alignment Page” button within the popup.


  • The alignment page printing process will begin.


  • The alignment page appears like this. It might slightly differ depending on your printer’s model.


  • After the printer ejects the alignment page, place it over the scanner assembly with the printed side facing downwards.
  • Press the “Scan Alignment Page” button.


  • Wait for some time until you receive the Alignment complete message.


We hope that your ‘HP printer not printing black colors or anything on paper’ problem is resolve now. If not, then follow the next step.

Method 5. Customize the Color Theme & Color Options

The reason your HP printer not printing black color ink due to incorrect print settings. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

For HP Color Laser Printers (Windows)

Proceed by following these initial steps to set up the color theme and color options:

  1. Open the program and click on ‘Print.’
  2. Select your printer and then click on ‘Preferences’ or ‘Properties.’

(a) Adjusting the Color Theme

  1. Click on ‘Advanced’ and find the drop-down list for Color Themes.
  2. Select from the available themes:
  • None
  • Photo (sRGB): These colors are deeper and more saturated, making it an ideal option for printing photos.
  • Photo (Adobe RGB 1998): This option is used for printing digital photos using AdobeRGB colors instead of sRGB. If you choose this, you need to disable color management for your printer.
  • Default (sRGB): This setting prints RGB colors in raw device mode.
  • Vivid (sRGB): Ideal for printing business graphics as it increases the saturation of midtones.

(b) Adjust Color Options

  • Navigate to Paper/Quality.
  • Select ‘Color’ from the Color field.

For HP Inkjet Printers

(a) On Windows OS

  • In the Print window, go to Properties, Preferences, Printer, Printer Setup, or Options (the name might differ based on your software application).
  • Adjust the Print Quality settings. Choose between Draft, Normal, or Best to enhance print quality. Ensure that the grayscale option is not selected.

(b) On macOS

  • From the Print window, select Media & Quality or Paper Type/Quality.
  • Enhance print quality through the Quality field.

After applying these steps your HP printer printing wrong colors problem will resolved

Method 6. Inspect Your Printer's Print Quality Report

Analyze your printer’s print quality report to pinpoint the faulty toner cartridge to resolve your printer not printing black color on paper error.

A- For Touchscreen Control Panels:

  • Tap on ‘Setup’ and access ‘Reports’.
  • Select ‘Print Quality Page’ and press OK.

B- For LCD Control Panels:

  • Press the Setup button on your printer.
  • Navigate to ‘System Setup’ and then select ‘Reports’.
  • Choose ‘Print Quality Report’ and confirm by selecting OK.

Alternatively, proceed to the next method to resolve the HP Printer not printing black color ink error.

Method 7. Print a Cleaning Page

A- Operating Touchscreen Control Panels:

  • Initiate by selecting ‘Touch Setup’ and then proceed to ‘Service.’
  • Opt for the ‘Cleaning Page’ from the menu.
  • As directed, place a plain paper onto the tray when prompted.
  • Complete the process by pressing the ‘OK’ button.

B- Operating the LCD Control Panels:

  • Begin by pressing the Setup button on your printer.
  • Navigate to the Service option.
  • Select Cleaning and press OK to initiate the process.

Method 8. Aligning Color Calibration for Your Printer

Attempt this methods to resolve issues with your HP printer not printing black colors ink:

A – Touchscreen Control Panels:

  • Access the Touch Setup and open System settings.
  • Select Print Quality and then proceed to Color Calibration.
  • Opt for Calibrate Now and press OK to initiate the calibration process.

B – LCD Control Panels:

  • Press your printer’s Setup button.
  • Navigate to System Setup.
  • Choose Print Quality and then select Calibrate Color.
  • Choose Calibrate Now and press OK to begin the calibration process.

Method 9. Check Your Printer's Quality Diagnostic Report

Point 1: Print a Quality Report

  • Load plain paper into your printer.
  • Access your printer’s Setup menu and select Tools.
  • Choose Print Quality Report, which will resemble the following image.


Point 2: Review the Print Quality Report Results

Ensure Test Pattern 2 in the provided sample does not display missing or faded blocks and is devoid of white lines. If there are any problems, proceed to Step 2A. Otherwise, proceed to Step 2B.

2A) : Inspect the Green Color Blocks and Alignment Lines

Inspect Test Pattern 1 to ensure that it appears connected and aligned correctly. Check to see if Test Pattern 3 has any dark or white gaps. Your printer and cartridges should be in good working order if there are no visible defects.

If your printouts continue to be unsatisfactory, verify that the image you’re printing has a high resolution. Enlarged images may affect in a blurry or fuzzy affair.

2B):  Perform Ink Cartridge Cleaning

  • Choose the option for Clean Cartridges, which will trigger the printing of a Print Quality Diagnostic report.
  • If the report indicates satisfactory quality, select No. However, if issues are present, select Yes to initiate the cleaning process for your cartridges.

Following the steps above will resolve the problem of your HP printer not printing black color ink and colors correctly on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

If this issue occurs, it doesn’t mean that your printer has stopped working. The good thing to find a result for this issue is to use original HP cartridges and not indistinguishable bones . This should fixe the issue to a lesser extend. Further, try to clean the print head properly.

Still, it’s always advised to replaced empty or damaged cartridges. likewise, in case of urgency, you can also try to print via backup mode

Yes, performing a factory reset on the printer might help in resolving persistent HP printer not printing colors properly problems. However, it’s essential to back up necessary settings before proceeding.

Occasionally, users complain “my HP Printer is not printing black color”. This issue can arise due to various reasons, some of which are mentioned as below- 

  • Print head Problems.
  • Problem with Bad Cartridge.
  • Printer Driver Problems
  • Problems on paper
  • Ink Level

Printer color problem occurs mainly due to these three major issues-

1. Cartridge falling short of color ink.
2. Printhead won’t work properly.
3. Color printing is not enabled.

Ensure the printer settings are configured for color printing if you want to print in color.

To fix HP printer will not print black must Check settings on both your computer and the printer to ensure they match your printing requirements.

Conclusion: –

The answer to your question of “Why is my HP printer not printing anything and black color ink on paper” has been provided with solution in this article. Now, you have understood the most common reasons for this issue. Keep in mind that you can greatly extend the life and performance of your printer by performing routine maintenance and using genuine HP supplies.