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Hardware Setup For

  1. First and foremost, carefully bring out the Printer from the packaging box for Besides that, remove all the packaging material encasing your Printer.
  2. Along with that, clear every section of the Printer by removing the plastic tapes carefully without damaging the machine. 
  3. Now, set the Printer on a stable, flat surface within the Network range of your Internet Connection.
  4. Next, you should prepare its Paper Tray and load it with plain white Sheets in the specified A4 size.
  5. After that, fill ink in the Ink Cartridges and set it up properly.
  6. Thereafter, hook up your HP Printer to a stable Power Source like a Wall Outlet. For this, use its Power Cable. Then, switch it on.
  7. Subsequently, turn on the Printer by pressing its Power button for
  8. Consequently, your Printer’s Power Lamp and Control/ Display Panel will light up. Along with that, its Initialization process will begin for
  9. As such, wait for the process to complete. Then, go to the Printer’s Control/ Display Panel to complete its Settings. For this, you should appropriately choose your Language; Country/ Region; Self-managed etc.
  10. Now, wait for the Setup to complete properly. After that, you should proceed with by Configuring Connection and Installing Drivers.

Wireless Setup For

  1. requires you to connect the Printer to a Wireless Network once it is prepared for setup. To begin this process, turn on your Router in the very first place. Besides that, ensure that the router is functioning properly. Along with that, connect your Computer with the same Network that you want to use for Printer Configuration.
  2. At the same time, ensure that the Printer is turned on. 
  3. Now, disconnect your Printer in case if it is hooked up with Router or Computer through an Ethernet or USB Cable respectively. 
  4. Along with that, procure the Name (SSID) and Password of your Wireless Network as it is needed during the process.
  5. Next, you should access the Control Panel of your Printer. It should display the “Home” screen. For this, tap on the Home icon located on the top left-hand corner of the Panel.   
  6. Thereafter, tap the Wireless icon. Now, you will notice that its Wireless Lamp begins flashing. 
  7. Then, touch the ‘Settings” icon and proceed with the process.
  8. After that, tap on the “Wireless Setup Wizard”. 
  9. As a result, it will search “Networks” available within range for Subsequently, you will get a list of detected Networks.
  10. Therefore, look for the Name of your Network and tap on it to select it. Then, tap “OK” to confirm your choice.
  11. On the following screen, accurately enter the Security Password of your Network. Then, tap “OK”.
  12. Consequently, it will establish a connection between the HP Printer and your Network. Therefore, wait for it to complete. 
  13. Thereafter, your Printer’s Wireless Lamp will remain lit and stable. Now, exit the Setup Wizard by tapping on “Finish” or “Done” tab.

Download HP Printer Driver 

  1. To begin with, turn on the “Computer” on which you want to install 
  2. Along with that, connect it to a high-speed, stable Internet Connection. 
  3. Now, launch a Web Browser that is available on your system. For eg., Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc. 
  4. Next, you should go to the official website for In other words, enter “” in the Address Bar of your Browser. Then, press the “Enter” key from your keyboard.
  5. Consequently, it will take you to the required webpage. Here, you will get a “Search Bar” that requires you to provide your Pinter’s Model Number. Therefore type in “HP Officejet Pro 4650” in the Search box. 
  6. Thereafter, click on the corresponding “Search’ button.
  7. As a result, will redirect you to the following window for HP Printer Driver Downloads. This window provides a secure download link. Therefore, click on the “Download” button to begin the downloads.
  8. Now, wait for the process to complete as it will take some time.

HP Printer Driver Installation

* For Windows

  1. In the very first place, search your system to access the downloaded Driver Software. For this, look at your system’s default download location i.e. the “Downloads” folder. 
  2. Then, open the downloaded software by double-clicking on it.
  3. Now, you will get a Security Warning pop-up. Here, you should click “Run” to initiate the process.  
  4. On the following User Account Control menu, click “Yes” to permit the Installation.
  5. Next, you should click “Continue” and proceed further. 
  6. The next window gives you the Software Selection option. Hence, click on “Customize Software Selection”. 
  7. As a result, will enlist all the available software for installation. As such, choose appropriately and click “Next”.
  8. The following window provides the License Agreement. Now, cautiously review its terms.
  9. Thereafter, select the “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” option.
  10. Then, click “Next”.
  11. Consequently, will start installing the HP Printer Driver. Therefore, wait for the process to complete.
  12. Then, click “Next”.
  13. On the Connection Options window, you have to choose between Wired or Wireless. Hence, select “Wireless” as your Printer is configured to a Wireless Network.   
  14. Now, complete the Network Setup by following on-screen instructions.  
  15. After that, click “Finish” to complete the setup process. 
  16. Finally, restart your computer. 

* Install Driver On Mac

  1. In the very first place, search your system to access the downloaded Driver Software. For this, look at your system’s default download location i.e. the “Downloads” folder. 
  2. After that, right-click on the software and select “Open”.
  3. Now, you will get a Security Prompt. Here, click on “Open”.
  4. The following window provides the “End User License Agreement” and “Privacy Statement” links. Hence, open the links one-by-one by clicking on it. Now, closely read the documents and close it.
  5. Next, you should select the corresponding checkboxes and accept the terms for
  6. Then, click “Continue” to proceed further. 
  7. The next window will guide you to turn on the printer and connect it to the Network. Hence, complete the Setup by following instructions. 
  8. In addition to that, ensure that both the Printer and Mac are connected to the same “Network”. 
  9. The following pop-up box prompts you to “Restore Printer’s Network Settings”. Hence, select “Yes” for it if your Printer and Mac are connected to different “Network”. Else, select “No”.
  10. Thereafter, follow on-screen instructions and complete the Network Setup. 
  11. Now, will display a list of all the available software for installation. As such, make an appropriate choice.
  12. Then, click on “Install”.
  13. Subsequently, provide your Mac Administrator Login Username and Password properly. Then, click “OK”.
  14. Thereafter, click “Continue”.      
  15. As a result, the “Installation” process will start. Hence, wait for the process to complete.   
  16. Finally, restart your system.