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Initial Preparations To Setup HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-One Printer 

Before installing the driver via 4650, complete the hardware setup of your printer by following the given instructions. 

  1. Take out all the paper guides, ink cartridges, power cord supplied with the printer. Remove the plastic covering of your printer. Then, remove the tapes and packing material from all sides of the printer. 
  2. Now, lift the scanner lid and remove the styrofoam sheet placed on the scanner glass and then close the scanner lid. Following this, open the top cover of the printer, remove the piece of cardboard from there, and then close the cover. 
  3. You have to now pull out the input tray and remove all the tapes. Then, push the paper tray back into its place. Thereafter, acquire the power cable, connect its one end to the port given at the backside of the printer, and the other end to the wall socket. 
  4. Now, press the Power button from the operational panel of your printer. Doing so, the printer display will lit up and start initializing. 
  5. When the language window appears on your printer screen, select the language that you well-understand and in which you want to operate the printer functions. Then, touch Yes. 
  6. In the next screen, you will be prompted to select the Country/Region. Select the Country and tap Yes to confirm. Continuing with this, select the current Date and tap Next. In addition, make a selection for the correct Time and touch Done. 
  7. Now, remove the protective tapes of your ink cartridges. Open the top cover of the printer, lift the cartridge lid, and set the tri-color and black cartridges into their correct slots. With this, the “Instant Ink Ready” window will get displayed on your printer screen. Touch OK. 
  8. Now, you will view the “Load Paper” window. So, open the input tray, adjust the paper guides, and load a stack of A4 size sheets. Close the input tray and touch Done on the printer screen. 
  9. The printer will start printing an alignment page. Once the page is printed, you will be prompted to scan the page. Place it on the scanner glass and when the Alignment Successful window appears, Touch OK. 

Establish a Wifi Connection On Your OfficeJet 4650 Printer

To set up via 4650, you have to now connect your printer to the wireless network. So, pursue the below-mentioned steps carefully. 

  1. From the main screen of your printer, touch the Wireless icon. 
  2. This will display a Wireless screen on your printer, tap on the Settings icon. 
  3. Following this, select the Wireless Setup Wizard option. Doing so, the OfficeJet 4650 printer will start searching for all the wireless networks that are nearby your printer. 
  4. On the Select Network Name window, identify your personal network name and then select it. If you are unable to see your router name, tap on the Refresh icon. 
  5. Afterwards, “Enter the Password” pop-up box will get displayed, touch OK. Now, using the on-screen keyboard, input your password correctly and then tap Done. 
  6. With this, you will see the Confirm Settings window, tap OK. The pinter will start connecting with your Wifi. 
  7. Once the processing is done, you will view the Connection Successful screen, tap OK. Your printer is connected to the Wifi, and now you can proceed to install the printer driver via 4650. 

Install the Compatible and Latest Printer Driver via

Printer Driver is a software that helps in establishing a communication between your printer and computer. It commands your printer and sends print requests whenever you attempt to print a document. In addition, you can customize your printer settings on the basis of your preference by accessing the printer driver. So, to download the latest printer software on your PC via 4650, follow the instructions that are quoted below: 

  1. First and foremost, open the Wifi Manager and connect your computer to the same Wifi network as your printer. Now, launch a secure web browser on your PC for example Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. and input the URL i.e in the address bar. Hit the Enter key and the Printer Driver Setup window will be available on your screen. 
  2. Select OfficeJet from the top-panel of the window. Now, input your printer model number i.e 4650 into the search bar, and select your printer from the options displayed. Click Search and the “Install Printer Driver” window will come into view. 
  3. Click Download and the 4650 file will start downloading on your system. Once the download is 100% completed, you will get the options of “Run” or “Save”. 
  4. To proceed with the installation, you have to click “Run”. Doing so, you will see a User Account Control pop-up box on your screen. To give your consent for making changes to your computer, click on the Yes button. 
  5. Doing so, the Installer window will come into view. Make sure your printer is properly set up and turned on, then click on the Continue button to move ahead to the next step for 4650. 
  6. Continuing with this, you will view the Software Selections window on your screen. If you want to download the Recommended software, click on the Next button without making any changes. Otherwise, click “Customize Software Selection” and select the software based on your choice and requirements. 
  7. Now, the Installation Agreements and Settings window will be available on your screen. Read all the terms and conditions stated in the Software End User License Agreement. Also, go through the Web Services Enablement and Internet Connection Usage Settings documents. To give your acceptance, tickmark the specified checkbox, and click Next to proceed forward for the 4650. 
  8. The software and drivers will now start installing. The installation may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet and the number of the software you are installing. When done, click Next. 
  9. You will now see the Connection Options window. For 4650 setup, you will have to build a connection among your printer and computer. For this purpose, select the Wireless option and then tap on the Next button. If the wireless method doesn’t work, you can attach a USB cable from your printer to the computer. 
  10. The program will start scanning the wireless network for your printer. Once your printer is detected, select your printer from the list displayed and click Next. The installer will now start the processing of connecting your printer to the computer. Once done, you can set the Internet Proxy Settings, fax information, and click Next. This concludes the printer setup via 4650.