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How to Fix HP Printer Error Codes and Messages ask HP Technical Support Team?

For a smooth printing experience, resolve the HP printer error codes by following the below-given troubleshooting steps. 

Common HP Printer Error Codes and Troubleshooting

➣ Paper Jam Error

If you have encountered this error on your printer screen, press OK. In such a situation, the printer LED light flickers fast by giving the alert to the user that the page is jammed inside the printer. So to quickly fix this issue, firstly remove all paper from the input tray. Now, look for the jammed paper in the input or output tray and clear the paper or any other obstructions found. After that, disconnect the printer’s power cord, open the ink cartridge access door, and gently slide the carriage to the left and right. If you find any piece of paper, remove it. Also, clean the paper feed rollers to remove dust and other particles. 

➣ No Toner Cartridge

If this error occurs, it might be possible that your cartridge is not installed properly. In that case, lift the cartridge door while your printer is turned on and then pull out the cartridge. Now, slide the cartridge back into the assigned place and close the door. If the error message still displays, you should properly clean the cartridge and the metal contact points by using cotton moisten with distilled water. If the problem continues, reset the printer to its factory defaults. At last, replace the old cartridge with a new one and make sure you remove the sealing tape. 

➣ HP Printer Offline Error

If you are encountering HP Printer offline error, firstly check the printer connections. Both the power cable and USB cable must be well-connected with the wall socket and the computer. It is possible that your printer software is corrupted, hence install a new software from the HP support website. Further, set your printer as the default printer that you are presently using and cancel all the print jobs. If the issue does not clear, run the HP Print and Scan Doctor and follow the on-screen guidelines. 

➣ Memory Overflow error

This error pops up on your screen when the print job exceeds the memory capacity of the printer. In this case, either add more memory by inserting a memory card or simplify the print job. Secondly, you should reduce the size of the file, lower the graphic and image pixels quality, change the size of the font, etc. If the error still appears, reinstall the upgraded version of the printer driver as this can solve the issue. 

➣ Scanner Error 22

The scanner error 22 appears on the printer control panel when you attempt to scan the document from the printer. This message usually occurs when extra weight is put on the scanner glass like an open book or the glass is not clean. So, clear all the dust particles from the scanner glass by using a wet cloth. Also, reset the HP printer. For that, detach the power cord and wait for a period of 60 seconds. Then plug the cable again and power on your printer. This way you can fix major HP printer error codes. 

Other HP printer error codes and messages 

  • Paper out
  • Fuser error
  • Toner low
  • Communication error
  • Data Transfer error
  • User Maintenance error
  • Print Job stuck in queue error
  • Printer Failure error
  • Firmware Failure

If your issues are not resolved, you can contact the HP Technical Support Team through email, call at toll-free numbers, Live chat, etc. The technicians and experts will help you by fixing all the HP printer error codes instantly.