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HP Printer Assistant Prompts to Connect a New Printer

HP Printer Assistant is a program that can be installed only on Windows and not compatible with Mac. It allows your printer to execute all its printing and scanning functions. If you are setting up your printer for the first time, this HP Printer Software will help your printer to communicate with the computer. Also, it checks the ink levels of your printer on a regular basis so that the users can replace the cartridge instantly. The software comes pre-installed with the HP Computer that was made after 2009. If your device is older, you can install this software by visiting the HP support website. Hence, the software provides a user-friendly and trouble-free experience while installing your printer. 

Why does the software prompts to connect to a new printer? 

Sometimes the main screen of the HP Printer Assistant asks you to connect with a new printer. This situation happens when you update your windows. Whenever you upgrade your Windows computer, generally the HP Printer Assistant loses its stored printer information and is no more linked with your printer. Hence, if you access the software to use any of its features, it will ask you to connect with a new printer. 

Steps to Follow 

  • Click “Connect a New Printer” on the Printer Setup & Software window

In such a situation when you try to access the HP Printer Assistant tools, the software will not open and will display the setup window. Click the Connect a new printer link and the Printer Connection type window will come into view. Make sure that your printer is turned on. To form a connection, attach a USB cable or use the wireless network if your printer supports wireless LAN methods. When it detects your printer, check the model number, and then select your printer. After the setup is completed, turn off both the computer and printer. Restart the computer and access the software. If the issue occurs again, try the next step. 

  • Uninstall the HP printer driver from the control panel and reinstall it

If your HP computer has a printer driver or any additional software installed, you should uninstall it to resolve the issue and to successfully access HP Printer Assistant. So, search for the Control Panel on your Windows computer. Then, go to Programs and click on Uninstall a Program. You will discover a list of all the installed programs. You simply need to right-click on your active printer name and then select Uninstall. After that, you will be prompted to click Yes in the pop-up box to completely remove the printer software. 

Now, move to and place the cursor on the Support tab. Choose Drivers & Downloads and then click on the Printer icon. On the Identify your printer window, input your printer name, and hit the Submit button. The driver download window will pop-up. Here you will find the download icon located next to your printer name. Click on it. After downloading, access the file, accept the license agreement, connect your printer to the computer, and click Install to set up the driver. 

  • Restart the Computer and HP Printer

Once, you have installed the driver, power off the computer and the printer. Remove the power cable of the printer from the power source. Patiently wait for at least 30 seconds. Plugin the power cable again and press the ON button located on the front display of the printer. After that, turn on the computer and open HP Printer Assistant.