HP Smart App Setup and Troubleshooting

What is HP Smart? 

HP Smart application sets up your printer and allows you to use all the printing and scanning functions efficiently. Follow the given guide to set up your application, install the printer by using the application, and for troubleshooting. 

HP Smart App Setup and Printer Installation on Computer

The App comes pre-installed with HP computers but you can easily download it from the Microsoft store.

  1. Firstly, press the Windows key and then search for “Microsoft Store”.
  2. In the top-right corner of the main screen, you will see the search field. Type HP Smart into the search bar and click on the search icon. 
  3. Select the application and then click on the Install button. 
  4. The downloading status of the application will be shown on your screen. Wait for a few minutes till the application is downloaded. 
  5. Afterwards, click on the Launch button. With this,“Welcome to HP Smart” window will be presented on your computer screen. 
  6. Examine and acknowledge the HP Privacy Statement and Terms of Use. Then, click Continue. 
  7. In the next pop-up box, select Yes. 
  8. Now, you will arrive at Choose a Printer window which shows all the printers that are recently installed on your computer. If you intend to set up a new printer or your printer is not displayed on the screen, click on the skip button.
  9. Now, connect your printer to the same SSID(network name) as your computer so that HP Smart can detect your printer easily. 
  10. With the printer on the network, you have to go back to the application on your computer and click on the “plus sign” to add your printer. 
  11. Then, the app will display the printers connected to your network. As per your printer model name, select your printer and hit Continue. 
  12. To automatically access your Wifi password and connect the printer to the network, click Continue. 
  13. After that, a new pop-up box appears. To make essential changes to your computer, click Yes. 
  14. Following this, click Continue in the next window. Then, pursue the on-screen prompts to install ink cartridges and load paper into the printer tray. 

HP Smart App Setup on Mobile

Navigate to 123.hp.com. Click on the “Get the app” tab and the application will start installing. Once the app is installed successfully, open it. Welcome screen displays, tick the privacy and license agreement checkboxes. To proceed, tap Start. Now, tap on the add printer icon and the application will commence searching for the printers that are in the range of your network. The app will then prepare the printer, obtain an IP address and ultimately finish the connection. 


  1. If you are not able to download the application from the Microsoft Store, it can be possible that there are some connectivity issues. Hence, monitor the speed of your internet connection. If the speed is slow, reset your router and ensure that it is properly connected to the power source. 
  2. If the HP application on your android device fails to detect the printer, make sure that the app is of the updated version. To check for updates, go to My apps & games in the Google play store. Locate your app and if any update is available, click on the Update button. 
  3. In case, the app is not starting on Windows, uninstall the app from the control panel and then reinstall it from the Microsoft store. 
  4. If the HP Smart application is unable to discover the printer on the computer, check that your HP printer is linked to the same local network as your computer.