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How you can troubleshoot your HP Printer issues using 

  • To troubleshoot all your printer issues firstly you have to open the most recently launched web browser on your Windows or Mac device. 
  • Soon after this, using the web explorer, go to the webpage. 
  • Once you reach the desired web page it will prompt you to fill in the 6 digits product code that you get from the provider while purchasing the HP Printer. 
  • After entering the code correctly into the empty text box, you have to select the Connect tab. 
  • By doing so, you will then be prompted to download and install the application. 
  • Finally, as you soon as you install the application, the agent will immediately get access to your computing device. Later on, after taking the remote control of your device it troubleshoots all the issues that are interrupting in the working of HP Printer. 

List of some of the common issues faced while accessing HP Printer 

Here is the list of some of the common issues that the users have to deal with when your HP printer stops working. Just by visiting the remote assistance webpage via, you can get rid of the following issues. But in order to resolve these issues, it is must that you should be aware of the HP Printer issues. Go through the following list of issues to get rid of it completely. 

  1. HP Printer is unable to print the documents due to improper feeding of papers. 
  2. The printer is unable to connect with your wi-fi network connection. 
  3. HP Printer goes offline. 
  4. You get the error message Print job stuck in a queue. 
  5. Ink cartridges are not inserted properly. 
  6. The printer driver is not compatible with your printer model. 
  7. Configuration issues related to the HP Printer. 
  8. Hardware related issues. 
  9. Slow printing problems.
  10. Issues related to Brother printer alignment and connectivity issues. 
  11. Ink cartridges or Ink toner Empty error. 
  12. Uninstallation and installation of the printer driver. 
  13. Issues faced when the printer is printing blurry photos. 
  14. Low Ink warning. 
  15. Overlapping the print images. 
  16. Printing half the page due to insufficient ink in the printer.
  17. Problem faced while setting up the HP Printer. 
  18. Other Printing related issues. 

Know more how to get rid of all the HP Printer woes after accessing

Just after installing the application via, you can get in touch with the HP Printer Agent that will assist you to get rid of all the HP Printer woes. You have to closely follow these troubleshooting steps that are discussed below to completely discharge the issues from your computer. Thus, after resolving all the issues you can enjoy the uninterrupted printing experience and complete your work with ease and without any disruption. 

  • Get rid of HP Printer Offline Issues– HP Printer Offline is the issue that the users might face when the computing device is unable to communicate with your HP Printer. So, to eradicate this issue completely reach and follow these troubleshooting steps closely. 
      • Just in case, you are utilizing the HP Wireless printers then you need to ensure that your USB cable is properly hooked up with your device and your printer too. Apart from this, make sure that you are using the cable that is not damaged or faulty from anywhere. If you found some fault, change the cable at that point only.
      • Make sure that no paper is stuck into your HP Printer. If you found that any paper gets stuck while printing, open the system output tray, take out the paper feeder, and remove all the papers from it. 
      • Ensure that your HP Printer is set to the default printer just with the help of the Control Panel.
    • Resolve HP Printer Driver Issues- At times, the users might face problems while installing the printer driver into their system. This is so because they have purchased the printer driver that is not compatible as per the printer model they are using. To resolve the issue, visit the and insert the correct model number that is positioned on the backside of the printer. And then download and install the correct printer driver. Along with this, ensure that you are using the upgraded version of the printer driver. While installing the new printer driver, ensure that there is no previously installed printer driver on your system. 
    • Learn how to overcome Ink Cartridges Issue-  Ink cartridges issue usually occurs when you are using the incompatible ink cartridges or you have not fixed the ink cartridges appropriately into the printer. To overcome the issue, follow the following troubleshooting steps that you will get after accessing 
      • There are several distinct types of ink cartridges that are available as per the different printer models. So it is mandatory that you must install the ink cartridge that is compatible in accordance with the HP Printer model that you are using. 
      • You must look that you have inserted the ink cartridges properly and it fits as per the width of the printer’s output tray. 
      • Just in case, you get the Ink alerts, then you must verify the ink in its respective slots. If you find that the ink is going to finish, refill it or replace it immediately with the new one. 
      • It is important that you must clear all the traces of ink/dirt from the ink cartridges of your HP Printer. 
      • If still the issue doesn’t resolve try to reset your printer and completely get rid of these issues. 
  • Fix the Network Connectivity Issues- 

If you find the network connectivity issue then you have to ensure that your HP Printer is successfully hooked up with the router’s host network. Using the control panel of your HP Printer’s you can reset the network connection just by pressing the Menu icon, go to Wireless option then click Setup Wizard and pick the host network. After this, once again input the Network key that is provided by your ISP and then connect it. Whereas, the users having the wired HP Printers are suggested to check their ethernet cables whether they are inserted properly or not.