search printer model printing printing is a platform that will assist you to set up your HP printer wirelessly. To know more about the distinct methods that you can opt to successfully complete the HP Printer Setup, just go through the complete article carefully. 

The comprehensive procedure that will assist you to set up an HP Wireless Printer 

HP wireless printers are exceptionally convenient and using these methods you can directly communicate with the network without setting up your printer with the help of wires and cables. Thus, HP wireless printers provide you with several connectivity options in accordance with your needs and requirements. Just by visiting printing, you will get to know more about the different alternatives that are available for HP wireless printing. 

HP Auto Wireless Connect- printing 

HP Auto Wireless Connect technology is the quick and the simplest method using which you can easily hook up your printer to your existing router’s host network. The best part about this technology is that you don’t have to attach any cables to utilize the printers. But to use this printing technology, you must go to printing and check that your device is compatible to use this technology. 

  1. In the beginning, you have to download the HP Printer driver that is compatible as per the printer model that they are using by reaching the HP Printer’s Support page. 
  2. Visit the system’s download section and search for the setup file and click on it twice. Then, follow the instructions that are displayed on your computer screen to complete the installation part. 
  3. You will be represented with the Connection screen from where you need to pick the Wireless option
  4. After this, choose the Next button from the bottom of the screen. 
  5. From the next window that displays on your computer screen, hit the Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer option. Select the Next option and proceed further to the next step. 
  6. As a result, it will automatically start locating your wireless network information and immediately send it to your printer. 
  7. Once you attach your printer with your computer you will receive the notification for the same. 
  8. In the ned, opt for the Finish tab and it concludes the process of HP Auto Wireless Connect. 

WPS- (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)  

WPS is the most suitable and convenient way that the users can opt for setting up the HP wireless printer. You have two distinct ways that you can set up via WPS which is the WPS Push Button method and another one is the WPS PIN Method. Depending upon your router you can opt for any of the methods to pursue the network configuration. 

  • WPS Push Button Method- To commence with the process of the WPS Push button method, ensure that the router must have a WPS push button. Along with this, your printer must support the WPS push mode. You then have to take your printer and place it into the place where you are receiving a good network connection. Soon after this, as per your printer, you need to follow the below-given steps. 
  • Touchscreen Control Panel– If the users are utilizing the HP printer that supports the Touchscreen Control panel, you have to choose the Wireless icon. You are then supposed to opt for the Settings option. Continuing with this, you are required to pick the Wireless Settings option. Thereafter, choose the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option, pick the Push Button and later on opt for the push button. 
  • Touchpad Control Panel- HP Printers with the touchpad control panel have to press and hold the wireless button until its wireless lamp starts blinking. 
    • Afterwards, navigate the push button on your router and press it for 3-5 seconds. 
    • Just after this, check whether the Power LED light on your printer starts blinking. 
    • In the end, once the light gets stable it means that your HP printer is successfully connected with the wireless network connection. 
  • WPS PIN Method- To start the process with the WPS PIN Method, navigate and select the Wireless icon. Following that, opt for the Settings option and from there tap on the Wireless Settings option. From the upcoming window, you are supposed to pick the PIN option. Continuing with this, you will be displayed with a PIN number and note it down the PIN code. Just after this, you are required to fill in the PIN number on the screen that prompts on your screen. In the end, tap on the Next tab. 

HP Wireless Setup Wizard (Display Printers)- printing 

HP Wireless Setup Wizard is another method that is usually used to configure the Wireless Setup Wizard. This configuration method can only be performed when you have the printers with a Touchscreen Control Panel. To know more about this method you need to visit printing. Below is the process that you can follow for setting up your wireless printer. 

  • In the initial stage, search and place your cursor on the Setup or Setup icon from your printer’s Control Panel. 
  • Soon after this, you have to choose the option that represents the Network Setup option. 
  • Following that, you have to select the Wireless Settings option. 
  • You are then supposed to opt for the Wireless Setup Wizard option.  
  • As soon as you click on this option, your HP printer will begin navigating for the printers that are available within your network range. 
  • By doing so, it will simply present you with the list of available networks. Pick out the network connection that you are using at present and simply hit the Ok button. 
  • Just after this, you have to fill in the Network Key for your host network that is provided by your internet service provider. And then, hit the Ok button
  • At last, you have to wait until the network configuration gets completed. Continuing with this, hit on the Ok button in the window of the Connection Confirmation screen. With this, it concludes another procedure of printing. 

A guide that will instruct you to perform USB Setup of Wireless HP Printers- printing  

  • In the preliminary stage, you have to take the USB cable and hooked up into your computer as well as your printer. 
  • Just with this, it will enable the settings of the wireless network so that it can easily communicate with your HP printer. 
  • When your printer is successfully hooked up with your computing device, the Network Setup window comes into view. As soon as you see this window on your computer screen, it indicates that your connection has been successfully established. Thus, you are supposed to opt for the Next button. 
  • After choosing the network name that you are currently using, tap on the Ok button. 
  • By doing so, it will immediately notify you of the message that is connected to the network. 
  • In case, you get a pop up to detach the USB cable, then remove it from both your printer and from your system too. 
  • The next step is to place your cursor and pick the Next tab from the middle of the page. 
  • Instantly after this, you have to continue with the installation just by walking through the online guidelines closely. 
  • In the end, you are required to choose the Finish option and with this. Hence, it concludes the printing procedure.